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Latest News Click here for the June Parish Pump.

D Day Commemoration:  People from all over the country will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of this historic event in the nation's history. There will be fish and chips available from 18:30pm and a beacon will be lit at 21:15pm. More details here. Tickets available from Sue Merrell, Lisa Williams, Elaine Roch (07799 280743) and Lynn Crew.


The Doynton Community is a Whatsapp group of local people which swaps useful information and advice about local issues and services.  Email doyntonvillage@live.co.uk to join the group to keep informed and to get access to help within the village.
Doynton Map: below is an embedded link to google maps. If you want to see a street view of the village then click on 'View Larger Map' and then drag the little yellow pegman onto the place you want to see.  You can drag the image around and see a 360 degree view of anywhere in the village.


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