Doynton and Wick Women's Institute

We organise garden visits, theatre trips and fundraising events during the year. 

WI News November 2023 In November, Doynton and Wick WI welcomed Susan Symonds, whose interest in her subject, Queen Victoria, was sparked when she came across an old portrait of the Queen dressed in her famous dark attire and wearing a very sour expression. Susan, however, painted a rather different picture of the “Young Victoria” and told of her unexpected and surprising destiny in the “Royal Race for the British Crown”. Originally named Alexandrina, and known as Little Drina as a child, she chose her second name Victoria upon taking the throne. Excerpts from her daily journals that covered her entire life from the age of 11 tell of her meeting her COUSIN Albert and the effect it had on her: “My heart is quite glowing”, she wrote. As Monarch, she had to propose to him (!) and the rest is history, as they say! Susan’s talk was followed by our AGM in which we looked back on the previous year and looked forward to the next, our Centenary Year. Twelve of the 14 Committee members remain, (re)joined by Elizabeth Copping. Tina Holbrook remains for her ninth and final year as President. A plea was made for some new faces, especially to take the leading roles the following year in 2025 if Doynton and Wick WI, and indeed Avon Federation, are to stand the test of time. Both are in desperate need of new volunteers. There was a huge response in donations for the homeless, as well as several bags of food items for the foodbank from our generous members. We look forward to our Christmas celebrations at Tracy Park, as well as our special year ahead. Next meetings: Wednesdays December 14th (Christmas meal) and January 10th (7.30 p.m. at Doynton village hall).

WI News October 2023 The speaker in October was Carol Laslett of the Bristol environmental charity Street Goat. Street Goat provides goat’s milk for around 30 households in Bristol and grazes male kids, which would otherwise be slaughtered straight away, on waste ground in and around Bristol and Bath, to eventually be sold for meat. The goats are great characters – maybe you have seen them tidying up the Wick Quarry nature reserve – and there are a few escape artists among them! The next meeting, on Wednesday November 8th, will be the annual general meeting – please volunteer for a committee role if you can. The speaker is Susan Symonds on “the colourful personal life of Queen Victoria” (will we be amused?). The competition is “Victoriana”. Please bring any tins or packets you can spare for the foodbank.

WI News September 2023 The speaker for September on “Royal wedding dresses” failed to materialize (pun intentional), so members shared their own wedding memories – some poignant, some funny and some jaw-dropping! The conclusion was that every wedding is individual and very special. The harvest stall did a roaring trade. Next month – fingers crossed – we are expecting to hear about Street Goats, an engaging bunch who munch their way through scrubland in and around Bristol: did you see them at Wick Quarry a couple of years ago? The competition is: “in your opinion, who is the greatest of all time?”. Come to Doynton village hall on Wednesday October 11th, 7.30 p.m.: visitors always welcome.

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