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The following documents were originally produced between July 1989 and January 1993 by the late Richard Kent. These versions were reformatted and edited in 2019-20 by Ron Ritchie and Frances Lindsey-Clark to make them more accessible using current technologies and to celebrate the history of Doynton and the work of Richard. The process has maintained the original text produced by Richard and the photographs have been, where possible, enhanced. The following is the original foreword and acknowledgements that were included in one of a few bound volumes of the booklets that Richard Kent produced at the time they were written (kindly lent to the current editors by Barbara Kent).

Barbara wrote at that time the new versions were produced that Richard's fascination with local history was first aroused by the delivery of a 3-inch thick bundle of old deeds relevant to the purchase of our Doynton property in 1965. These introduced him to the world of 'messuages and tenements' and 'three life tenancies'. From then on he was hooked and spent many happy hours culling all available references to Doynton in the local record offices. He built up a substantial archive which provided the material for the Doynton history project. The first booklet 'The Post Office' was written to celebrate the retirement of the Lear family after three generations served as postmasters. Following on from this he chose to arrange his material into topics and published the chapters at roughly yearly intervals.


Original Publication

Update version

The Post Office

July 1989

Nov 2020


November 1990

Nov 2020


November 1990

May 2020

The People in Between

November 1991

Jan 2021

At Work & Play

November 1992

Dec 2020

Figures & Sources

January 1993

Dec 2020

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